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Ice Creams Recipes

Are you in love with ice creams and looking for a delicious ice creams recipe? Zamatv.com has a collection of tried, tested and perfect ice creams recipes prepared by the experts. Video recipes make your learning experience a lot more fun. You can easily learn the important techniques and tips by watching the video of ice creams recipes and cool down your hot summer days. Choose from the Mango, Vanilla, Strawberry, Walnut and Chocolate flavoured ice cream, pineapple ice cream, chocolate mousse recipes, ice cream cakes recipes, frozen yogurt recipes, low fat ice creams recipes, kulfi, easy ice cream recipes, quick ice cream recipes, ice creams recipes with floats and much more.

When you make a simple ice cream, you require a combination of sugar and cream along with the fruit puree or flavour to enhance the taste. Some ice creams are custard based and are equally tasty but the texture of a cream based ice cream is smoother. You can add chocolate chips, diced fruits, pieces of cake, dry fruits etc to enrich your ice cream with more flavour and add amazing texture. Ice cream machines are easily available in the market which allows you to freeze and churn the ice cream mixture and turn it to your favourite ice cream without placing it in the freezer. However some machines require the placement in the freezer for some time. So, get ready, whisk your cream, add volume to your puree and make homemade tasty ice cream and frozen desserts to experience the heavenly taste of your ice cream, while it melts in your mouth.

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