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Opportunities in Business and IT Sector of Pakistan

To survive in this competitive globe, businesses have to constantly adapt themselves to the changing trends. Innovation in technology have influenced business practices and changed the way they operate. The industrial revolution started in 1820 changed the manufacturing process with the introduction of the assembly line and mass production. Just like that, the IT revolution changed the entire businesses processes, starting with the HR practices to Marketing strategies, training programs to hiring processes, in each business process we can see the effect of IT on business. IT also changes the way of shopping process, buyers now looking up their desired products on the web and placing direct orders on internet websites.

Opportunities in Business and IT Sector of Pakistan

E-commerce and Large Number of Internet users

At the start of 21st century, only about 1.3% of Pakistan’s population had internet access. The percentage has grown to over 10 percent in the last 13 years. Now there are internet users everywhere in Pakistan, with the advent of Smart phones, smart applications and edge cellular services there are now more than 30 million internet users in Pakistan. According to Tribune’s electronic edition  report, Pakistan is ‘the fifth largest mobile phone market in Asia’. Rapid increase in internet user has resulted to realize businesses the importance of their presence on web, so that their customer can find them easily from their home. E-commerce or online shopping is now the most emerging concept, now hundreds of different online sites offering their services.

E-commerce services

As mentioned earlier E-commerce is now a leading and most emerging concept in Pakistan, a number of online shopping websites offering their services in Pakistan. Some websites concentrate in a particular category of products like digital cameras,  mobiles, fashion apparel,laptops, whereas there are other online marketplaces which offer a range of products together such as symbios.pk Kaymu.pk etc. Whether you are looking for jewelry, books, watches or clothing this is one online business which brings the complete collection to you and delivers the purchased goods at your doorstep just like a pizza. Some shopping sites offer free home delivery in almost each corner of country within 24-48 hours.

E-commerce has diversified into providing different services to people. From booking hotel rooms to ordering food, reserving flight seats and entire holiday packages for the family, a lot of things can be handling through the internet now.

According to reports and reviews 3G and 4G technology in Pakistan also brings a lot of changes in businesses, as after introducing these technology the number of internet user will increase, and then people can enjoy web browsing directly from their mobiles, it will be a good sign for E-commerce business owners.

It also change the advertisement standards, as the brands now spend less money on internet marketing and get more better result because of more internet users, increase in social sites, and SEO concept. Know marketing or advertising manager is making the strategies for internet marketing as they know the importance of the pool using internet. In HR practices the process of recruiting, payrolls, training and development program all are revolutionized by IT; know the HR managers can easily manage all the process with ease while monitoring them.

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