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Avast Antivirus Free Download Antivirus Software

Computer malfunctioning due to issues related with malware is very common. To get back the normal operation of your computer can cost you both in time and money. Below is an application that will allow you to remove the malware that has infected your computer, quick enough and without charges. …

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How to Sync Folder with SkyDrive Windows 8

There has been an attempt from Microsoft to try and change the way its user think about windows. With new advancement, users can now be able to sync their computer settings from computer to computer. This procedure uses SkyDrive and it will sync everything including all passwords. This article will …

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Top 12 PC Settings in Windows 8.1 You Should Know

Microsoft has recently launched its new operating system Windows 8.1. It is basically the update to Microsoft Windows 8 which is FREE available for download form Microsoft Windows 8 users from Microsoft website. We are sharing Top 12 PC Settings in Windows 8.1 You Should Know. Top 12 PC Settings in Windows 8.1 …

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