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How to Remember All the Passwords You’re Resetting

Security of passwords is everyone’s concern and the news of the Heartbleed bug is disturbing for many people. However, it seems to be not easy to change your passwords at sites where you must do it because you always feel vulnerable there. For feeling secure on the Internet, you should …

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LG G-Pad 8.3 Review – Specifications and Features

The LG G-Pad 8.3 represents a solid effort from a company just getting back into the tablet market. The device offers many of the same great multitasking features found on LG’s smartphones and you get both strong audio and built in IR blaster. Overall, the G-Pad 8.3 is a pretty …

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Apple iPad Mini 2 – Review

It is common knowledge that the Apple Company hardly ever fails us with its devices. Thus, the Apple iPad mini, though still as expensive, is a device that is somewhat a scaled down version of the full size version of the device. The two versions are quite identical making it …

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