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Recipe of Jalebi

Ingredients: Maida 4 cups Baking powder 1 tsp Yellow color 1/2 tsp Sugar 3 cups Water 4 cups Rose water few drops Oil as required Direction: Sieve maida and mix baking powder. Then put 2 cups water and make paste. Now mix sugar, 2 cups water, yellow color and rose …

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Nose Bleeding in Summer and Its Home Treatment

Whenever there is bleeding, it indicates that there is a noteworthy medical condition present. Nose bleeding can be caused due to multiple reasons, so one needs to find the root cause of the problem its gets more complicated. Although most of the nosebleeds are no real threat to life, but …

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Cell Phone Use Hazards, Specially for Teens

These increased usage of cell phones among people of all ages specially among the teenagers has increased health hazards. Cell Phones were made for the communication purpose like it use to be when in times of landlines, you were supposed to talk about important stuff communicate and put the phone …

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