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Privacy Policy / Terms of Uses

Privacy Policy

zamatv.com respects the privacy of its visitors and information stored by its users. We, in any means, do not share or distribute any sensitive information about the users.

Terms of Services

  1. Zamatv.com is not responsible for any damages caused by in any way through this website.
  2. We do not take any responsibility for the contents uploaded by users. Though, we try our best to protect the property of the original owners, and any contents found breaching the laws, can be removed immediatly.

Copyright and DMCA

Zamatv.com respects the rights of content. We make sure to share content on Zamatv.com, and Social Pages, that is loyalty-free, allowed to share, and does not hold any restrictions.

In case of any content found to be violating rights, we would be happy to remove it instantly upon receiving the notice.

Notices can be emailed to info@Zamatv.com or details be submitted via our contact page. Please mention the url of the content in question, and also provide your/ownership details to speed up the process.

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